Do you think that no child, regardless of his birthplace, should suffer?

We strongly believe that life is about sharing and reaching out to those in need. We are a small group of volunteers united by one goal: supporting kids with life-threatening or incurable diseases in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan.  

We truly believe that despite the diagnosis, with the help of  modern equipment and medical supplies, these children can live comfortably at home with their families.

Families in the former USSR have no access to essential medical support and equipment.

Due to minimal governmental support, they rely solely on charity foundations for assistance.

We are in constant search for life-saving equipment, adaptive devices, and medical supplies to support over 70 families in their daily struggle.

On our mission we rely heavily on volunteers and donations. By supporting our foundation you will help us to purchase and ship equipment and supplies in timely manner.

Any donation will forward us in the daily battle giving children a hope for tomorrow.



Who we are

We are a group of volunteers dedicating our time and resources with the goal of helping ill kids in the countries of former Soviet Union.

Who receives our help

We help children with incurable and life threatening illnesses from Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, etc. In addition, we work in collaboration with local charity foundations and hospitals, we provide assistance with resources, equipment and supplies.

How do we help

We provide necessary equipment, specialized nutrition, and rehabilitation equipment to kids in need. In addition, we can help to cover costs associated with medical or rehabilitation treatments.

Our resources

We work vigorously to acquire necessary equipment and supplies at the minimum financial cost and in a timely manner. We contact various USA charities and individuals to help us find the best and cost-efficient options.

How do we know who needs help

Most of our children are referred to us by families who already received our help. We request family's description of the child's condition and current needs, medical history, proof of the diagnosis, birth certificate, pictures, address and contact information. We try to do our best in making an unbiased decision based on the provided information and may use additional professional consultations as needed.


We rely fully on donations and volunteers to move forward. All of your donations are directed toward the cause. We pay for equipment, supplies and domestic and international shipping. Currently, our volunteers receive zero compensation for personal time, gas, printing materials, tolls, etc. We appreciate all of you help, donations and dedication. There are no small donations. No help is too small. We are easy to contact and are open to any suggestions and assistance. We are not magicians but believe that miracles are achieved by caring and dedicated people.


We fully rely on donation of equipment, supplies and nutrition.

Equipment include but not limited to following

Respiratory equipment:

  • Bipap for non-invasive ventilation
  • Suction machine to clear airways
  • Cough assist to immitate cough in patients with profound muscle weakness
  • The Vest airway clearance system
  • Humidifiers for invasive and non-invasive ventilators
  • Oxygen concentrator
  • Medical Air Compressor

Rehabilitation Equipment:

  • Specialized stroller
  • Manual wheelchair
  • Power wheelchair
  • Stander
  • Specialized indoor sitting and positioning system
  • Head support
  • Positioning wedge
  • Bath chair
  • Dynamic corset

Alternative communication equipment:

  • Basic communicator
  • Communication software
  • Computerized communication devices


  • Specialized infant formula
  • Specialized toddler formula
  • Specialized addition to the diet (e.g. proteins, thickeners, digestive aids, etc.)
  • Feeding pump

Medical supplies: 

  • Ventilator supplies
  • Bipap supplies
  • Oxygen supplies
  • Tracheostomy care supplies
  • Enternal feeding supplies
  • Specialized skin care supplies
  • Medical humidifier supplies
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