Please meet Alexandra (Sasha) Shevchuk! Sasha lives in Ukraine and is very ill, requiring extensive and life-saving surgery in Israeli hospital.

Sasha was born on September 4, 2009, and is now 7 years old. Every year of her life has been a battle for her health and life. Sasha was born with a birth defect, SPINA BIFIDA. Shortly after her birth, Sasha went through an operation of removing her hernia. Sasha spent 2 long and endless months in hospital when doctors told her mother that Sasha most likely would not be able to walk in the future. When Sasha was 11 months old, her mother Anna noticed that Sasha did not hold urine. Doctors in Kiev diagnosed her with neurological pelvic disorder, urinary and fecal incontinence.

Sasha’s mother Anna is taking care of her daughter on her own. Sasha’s father disappeared shortly after her birth. Anna is not giving up on her little girl. Due to congenital abnormalities of the spinal cord and urinary system disorder, Sasha also has bladder disorder which led to kidney failure. Sasha is also diagnosed with bilateral hydronephrosis, which is the enlargement of the area of the kidneys that collect urine.

The following are the conditions that Sasha has been diagnosed with:

  •          Bilateral megaureter
  •          Bilateral vesico-renal reflux
  •          Bilateral ureterohydronephrosis
  •          Neurogenic bladder
  •          Chronic pyelonephritis
  •          Chronic renal failure( chronic kidney disease)
  •          Pelvic disorders
  •          Urinary and fecal incontinence


In spring of 2016, Sasha received consultation at an Israeli clinic regarding her condition. Ukrainian doctors are not interested or are not able to help Sasha. Per observation and diagnosis of Israeli doctors, Sasha will need numerous surgeries that will allow her to live a meaningful and fulfilling life, without diapers, catheters and threats to her life. Anna is desperate, the cost of the first surgery is $54,368!!!  Sadly, this is an unrealistic sum of money for a single mother.

Above is a story of her sick daughter, who is a kind and angelic little girl from Ukraine, who was given no hope to grow and become a young lady, a mother and just a happy woman. We can help her and save her, please consider being a part of her battle for a fulfilling life!

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